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Our  Soccer Clinics will got over specific topics for that 1 session. Focusing on the How's & Why's of the topic.

These clinics are for all ages and levels. Individual understanding and development is the primary aim of each clinic.

What you can expect

Below you will find the clinics that we are offering. Please be aware some of these clinics are on field and others are off. 

Dates, times and locations along with a brief description of each clinic is available below.

***10 PLAYERS MAX. for On Field Clinics. No Limit on Off Field Clinics

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All clinics will be held at TODD M. HARRIS SPORTS COMPLEX, 2400 S Craycroft Rd, Tucson, AZ 85711

Start 8am, End 9am.

We ask that each child has their own hydration (water & Electrolyte drink), ball, supplements/food, medication and any other essential personal items for each session. Thank you

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