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We are excited to announce our Tryouts for Season 2023/24.

We only have 1 aim for all of our teams and that is DEVELOPMENT. We can not make it more clear, success for our teams will be exclusively placed on player, team and performance progression over the whole season

If your definition of success within youth soccer is winning we would highly recommend a different environment.

What you can expect

Our TRYOUTS will included the following;

4 x 90 minute sessions. 

Our tryout format will replicate our training model.

Tryout Schedule:

DAY 1 - Conditioning & 1v1s

DAY 2 - Rondos for Results

DAY 3 - Penetration at Pace

DAY 4 - Play

Dates of Tryouts:

DAY 1, 5/8/23

DAY 2, 5/9/23

DAY 35/10/23

DAY 45/11/23

All of our teams will play locally within the state of Arizona. Providing high levels of true development while minimizing travel expenses. The aim for our program is to field the following teams;

Girls & Boys Recreational Teams (Ages 4-10 welcome)

1 x Middle School Girls Team (Grades 6-8 welcome)

1 x Middle School Boys Team (Grades 6-8 welcome)

1 x High School Girls Team (Grades 9-12 welcome)

1 x High School Boys Team (Grades 9-12 welcome)

All sessions will be held at TODD M. HARRIS SPORTS COMPLEX, 2400 S Craycroft Rd, Tucson, AZ 85711

Session 1 - Start TBA, End TBA.

Session 2 - Start TBA, End TBA.

We ask that each child has their own hydration (water & Electrolyte drink), ball, supplements/food, medication and any other essential personal items for each session. Thank you

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