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Our PRESEASON FITNESS PROGRAM is specifically designed for youth soccer players looking to improve their fitness levels to suit the demand of the game. 

Girls & boys of any ages, from any club and/or school welcome.

What you can expect

Our FITNESS FOR SOCCER PROGRAM will included the following;

3 x independent sessions per week, 1 x in person session per week. 6 weeks in length

=24 sessions total.

*Each session will be tailored towards the individual specifically based on body type, on field position and age.

Training Schedule:

INDEPENDENT SESSION #1 - Building the Engine 

INDEPENDENT SESSION #2 - Agility & Body Control

INDEPENDENT SESSION #3 - Explosion & Power


Each sessions data will be tracked and recorded to show strengths & weaknesses along with current progressions.

Dates of In Person Session:

In Person Session 1, 7/9/23

In Person Session 2, 7/16/23

In Person Session 3, 7/23/23

In Person Session 4, 7/30/23

In Person Session 5, 8/6/23

In Person Session 6, 8/13/23

All sessions will be held at TODD M. HARRIS SPORTS COMPLEX, 2400 S Craycroft Rd, Tucson, AZ 85711

Start 7am, End 8.30am.

We ask that each child has their own hydration (water & Electrolyte drink), supplements/food, medication and any other essential personal items for each session. Thank you

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