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We welcome you to our 1st Annual 3v3 Fundraiser. Open to any and all levels of player, youth & adults welcome.

100% recreational event, for all players to enjoy, have an awesome experience and help support your community.

What you can expect

... A LOT OF FUN :)

The aim of our 3v3 is to help raise funds to help provide financial aid to children in our community for them to be part of organized sports.

Team Requirements:

Any level of player welcome, girls & boys, youth & adult.

Each team must consist offemale minimum (all 3 players can be female too).

Adults are welcome to play too. However all "adult" are limited to 2 touches maximum.

Teams must wear match color shirts & have an AWESOME team name.

Game Rules:

No Refs. Players call their own fouls (be nice to each other).

5 minute games. 

Win = 3 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 points

3v3 will be held on DATE at LOCATION  TBA

First Games Kick Off at 9am.

*Please arrive at 8.30am

We ask that each player has their own hydration (water & Electrolyte drink), supplements/food, medication and any other essential personal items for the event. If you have Canopies/Shade, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND bringing them. Thank you

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